Assumption of the
Blessed Virgin Mary

Assumption of the

Blessed Virgin Mary

Roman Catholic Parish


We, the people of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Parish, accept the responsibility and challenge for the mission of Jesus to the Catholic Church "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."  This is accomplished by creating a Christian community of Jesus which is alive and proclaims our worship, education, and service to others.

Roman Catholic


Liz Trujillo will be the contact for anyone contemplating marriage in the Catholic Church.

Ph. 480-250-1320


Catholics believe that marriage is God's  gift of a partner for life.  God gives you to one another to help you fulfill your mission on earth - "to learn how to live."  your love is a special and unique sharing in the mystery of Jesus' death and resurrection.  As a marrying couple, you publicly proclaim by your vows before God and the faith community that you intend your life together to reflect the selfgiving love that Jesus has for his people, the Church.  

​Due to this belief, marriage in the Catholic tradition is identified as a sacrament. In other words, marriage is a living ​sign of our loving God’s faithful activity in the world. This means that marriage as a sacrament begins on your wedding day and Christian marriage embodies the lifelong relationship of husband and wife and your commitment to grow more and more in love as time goes on. Marriage for Catholic Christians, then, is not only something you receive; it is something you become.

Christian marriage is a commitment to your spouse from within the community of faith, the Church. When two people marry in the Church, it is more than celebrating a ceremony in a particular kind of building. It is also more than a ritual only between the two partners, marriage is a sacred moment for the community as well.

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