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Great care is taken to ensure that all of our liturgies are beautiful, moving, and cohesive expressions of the love between God and his people. Through careful planning, the celebrant and the Director of Music ensure that the flow of each liturgy remains reverent and prayerful at all times. In choice of music, prayer, and decoration of the worship space, we strive to tie all elements of liturgy together (in keeping with the liturgical season and/or feast day) in order to enhance the worship experience of our parish community.

We know that the youth of the parish are the future of God’s church, and so we are committed to ensuring that the children and youth of our parish feel that they can contribute to, and be enriched by our various liturgies. To that end, we instituted a Sunday Youth Mass which the children attend prior to catechism, our children also participate in occasional mass activities, liturgies and processions throughout the year.

Altar Servers:  Hunter Buckner

The Altar Server Ministry is open to all boys and girls from the fourth grade and above. This ministry assists the priest at the celebration of Mass. The Altar Server or in the proper name, Acolyte, has an important part in the celebration of the Mass. It is the Altar Server who leads the procession into the church for the beginning of the Mass, makes sure the book of prayers is available for the priest and leads the faithful from the back of the church to the altar for the Offertory Procession. The Altar Server is also responsible for getting the Chalice to the altar, presenting the priest or Deacon with the water and the wine, taking part in the priest’s washing of hands and leading the recessional after Mass.

Lectors:  Margaret Busse, Coordinator

Another liturgical ministry that has grown as a result of the reforms of the Vatican Council II, is the Ministry of Lector. Lay men and women are blessed to be enabled to use their voice to proclaim the Word of God to the glory and praise of His kingdom of life. Assumption is blessed to have many parishioners who volunteer to lector at the regularly scheduled weekend Masses and at selected services on Holy Days. With the exception of the Sunday 7:30 a.m. Mass, which has one lector, two lectors are scheduled for each Mass. To the extent possible, lectors rotate through each of the regularly scheduled Masses and alternate between the first and second readings.

Lectors are selected/invited by the Pastor or Associate. Lectors are trained on an “as needed” basis and scheduled quarterly by a volunteer coordinator.

This ministry provides an opportunity to actively participate in the Liturgy of the Word. Lectoring offers an opportunity to increase one’s knowledge of the Scriptures

Music Ministry:  Elizabeth Myers

Assumption Church’s Music Ministry is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals and volunteers who seek to honor God through musical expression. We endeavor to provide music of all styles to enhance and uplift our worship experience and encourage the musical participation of the Assumption congregants. We invite people of all ages to come and “Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord”. Our Adult Choirs rehearse weekly. Our Cantors or Psalmists, Leaders of Song, Organists, Choir Members, Instrumentalists, and the Director of Music Ministries join the worshiping assembly at special and weekend liturgies throughout the liturgical year.

Eucharistic Ministers:  Dr. John Valeri

One of the liturgical ministries that arose as a result of the Liturgical renewal of Vatican Council II, is the sacred ministry of becoming a Eucharist Minister. It is an extreme honor to be able to become the hands and feet enabling Christ to offer His body and blood to all His dear people.

There are selected members of Assumption parish who serve as Eucharistic Ministers. They are most visible at our weekday and Sunday Liturgies where they help with the distribution of Holy Communion. Without their help, we would not be able to offer the precious blood on a regular basis. Many of these ministers also take the Eucharist to the homebound and elderly who are unable to come to church. 

The schedule is prepared quarterly by a volunteer coordinator. Ministers are selected/invited by the pastor, who also participates in their training. 


We, the people of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Parish, accept the responsibility and challenge for the mission of Jesus to the Catholic Church "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."  This is accomplished by creating a Christian community of Jesus which is alive and proclaims our worship, education, and service to others.

Assumption of the
Blessed Virgin Mary